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Stína  Ágústsdóttir


“...but everything revolves around a stable center, Stína Ágústsdóttir’s voice: rarely firm, full, warm, focused and complete. The Icelander, and now Stockholm resident, also writes good songs."


Stina Agustsdottir is considered one of Iceland’s best jazz artists and nowadays she’s just as established in Sweden. She is known for her energetic live performances, not only in Scandinavia, but also in her previous home of Montreal. She has been nominated for the Icelandic music prize a few times, both for her album, Jazz á íslensku (Jazz in Icelandic, 2017) and for The Whale (2021). Jazz á íslensku has already become a classic in Iceland and has been used in Icelandic language lessons and is played frequently on the radio. Stina has been living in Sweden since 2011 and plays with artists such as Max Schultz, Håkan Brosträm, Erik Söderlind, Henrik Linder, Anna Gréta, Joel Lyssarides and Kjetil Mulelid.

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