Björkologi is a jazz study in the music of Björk.

The group has chosen songs from Björk’s catalog of work from Debut to Vulnicura and made them into accessible jazz arrangements.

Björkologi has performed around Iceland and Sweden, receiving rave reviews.


Björkologi began with two Icelandic women, singer Stina Agustsdottir and jazz pianist Anna Greta Sigurdardottir, who currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden. They have managed to put together a group of some of Sweden’s most sought after jazz musicians, Max Schultz (guitar), Sebastian Ågren (drums) and Josef Karnebäck (bass).

“The audience at Metropol witnessed perhaps the best concert of the fall series at Metropol and the ovations were many, from standing applauds to enthusiastic whistling…”


“Damn, it grooves. A lot! It doesn’t take long for the evening’s audience to get completely caught up in the music...Personally, I am greatly moved by Björk’s ability to create great and heartbreaking drama…”





"All eyes were on singer Stina Agustsdottir. Seldom have I seen a singer of such a young age, command the stage with such presence and power. Great phrasing and a sound all her own." 

- Ross Porter, C.M.
CEO & President