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New Christmas album, big band concert and recording!

This last year has been a whirlwind of concerts and new exciting projects!

Some highlights include:

- Participation in a seminar with SEB bank in Stockholm, where jazz was used as a tool to demonstrate empathic listening

- Concert at Múlinn Jazzklúbbur in Iceland on the international day of jazz with fantastic guitarist Erik Söderlind.

- Receiving a grant from Rannis Hljóðritastyrkur to record with Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir pianist and Mikael Máni Ásmundarson guitarist and recording.

- Singing for the German and Icelandic presidents with Julia Hülsmann and other amazing jazz ladies!

- Singing for ambassadors and diplomats in different embassies around the world.

- Concerts in Montreal and Ottawa with saxophone legend Dave Turner

- Being able to travel and perform with Henrik Linder bass phenomenon, Carl Mörner Ringström guitarist and Jonathan Lundberg drummer.

- Stockholm Jazz Festival

- Christmas album, Hjörtun okkar Jóla with Marína Ósk vocalist, Mikael Máni Ásmundsson guitar player, Þorgrímur Jónsson bass player and Matthías Hemstock drummer and receiving amazing reviews!

- Release tour for Hjörtun okkar jóla in Northern Europe

- Concert with the Reykjavík Big Band at the huge and beautiful Eldborg in Harpa Reykjavik and getting to perform Diamonds are a girl's best friend in a red gala dress in front of a great audience and receiving the most wonderful review for it. :-)

...and that's just some of it!!!

It's been such an amazing year of music and growth and I am very thankful and excited about the coming year!



"All eyes were on singer Stina Agustsdottir. Seldom have I seen a singer of such a young age, command the stage with such presence and power. Great phrasing and a sound all her own." 

- Ross Porter, C.M.
CEO & President