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Management- Apolune, Mariana Gianelli 

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“Running from it all in her mind” in recent years,

STÍNA ÁGÚSTSDÓTTIR started a toppling wave within herself - one of fearless emancipation from the female mundane and its palpable crush. Unfulfilled by simply existing in the glass menagerie—society’s expectations for women, mothers, and wives, Stina courageously set out to rebel in the name of her own sanity’s survival. 


With an evolved experimental approach to her sound, sensual pop hooks, and a golden voice, the Icelandic jazz-pop artist presents "Yours Unfaithfully",

Listen to the new unreleased prog pop album


"Yours Unfaithfully"

“I’ve been a woman in the music industry, in the world. I’ve known the pressures and ridiculous social constraints of motherhood and womanhood. After masking my own needs for the benefit of others for so long - I reached a tipping point- one which birthed an almost violent desire in me for radical authenticity. Sending these feelings into my creative life gave me a road to follow, through myself at first, and then out of my singing mouth and body, into an album I am so grateful for. Because it is vibrantly true and vibrantly me.”



STÍNA ÁGÚSTSDÓTTIR is one of Iceland’s top jazz and jazz-pop artists, and, throughout her faceted career, has shone Scandinavia-wide on the jazz scene, known for her incomparable voice. Her discography includes to this day 5 studio albums, and an artistic journey that has seen her paired with legendary talents Morgan Ågren (Zappa), Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops), producer Bjarki Ómarsson, and jazz heavyweights Hilmar Jensson, Carl Bagge, Dave Turner, and more. 

Stina has toured Europe extensively and is a jazz festival always-invited darling. Both European and North American tours are planned to support the new release.



9/4 - Scenkväll i Kulturlänken, Sigtuna

11/5 - Skottvångsgruva, Gnesta
16/5 - Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm

16/6 - Græni Hatturinn, Akureyri 
22/6 - Jomfruin concert series, Reykjavik
25/7 - Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm
6/8 - Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm
8/10 - Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm
15/10 - Stockholm Jazz Festival

17/10 - Jazzstudion, Umeå 
29/11 - Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm

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